Name: Konishi, Nozomi (小西望)
Nozomin (のぞみん)
Relationship Status:
Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi na Seikatsu

Konishi Nozomi is a teenager who attends Kentei Academy and acts as the vice-president of the school’s manga club. A sincere girl who is quiet (but not necessarily shy), one year at Comic Manga Market she meets a gothic lolita girl named Amane. Over time, the two grow closer, though unbeknownst to Nozomi, Amane is actually her male classmate, Miyano Amata, the most popular boy in school. However, when Amata’s secret eventually comes out, Nozomi shows that she had already realized the truth at some point, and the two begin a relationship of sorts.

A versatile otaku, Nozomi is skilled in both drawing and cosplay, and is particularly a fan of the magical girl anime Omakase Tentel and the BL pairing of Tentel x Mikoto, the main character Yanami’s mascot companions. She also is the premiere shipper of manga club member Kiyokawa Atsumu with his best friend and manga club president Matsumoto Senri. Her favorite doujin circle is “Gojappe,” she prefers to cosplay as Yanami, and though she is strongly in favor of Ten x Miko, she also gets along with the Miko x Ten contingent of her club.

Fujoshi Level:
Nozomi can be absolutely overwhelmed by her intense fujoshi feelings. So powerful is this potential reaction that, once, after seeing a particularly erotic Ten x Miko drawing, Nozomi had to go to the nurse’s office at school the next day to see if something was wrong with her. In addition, according to Miyano Tamae’s rankings, she is a “Dreamy Maiden Fujoshi” with a Delusion Power level of 5000 and an Economic Power level of 800.

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